The mountain Tracia, for good wine. The mountain Taburno for its oil. It is no coincidence that the great poet citi our highest mountain as a symbol of cultivation of olive trees. Everyone who comes to enjoy the view offered by 1394mt high, can alone understand why Virgil invited his solterti farmers to come here, deep in the pià "Apennines" Campanian to reap the fruits of their labor. Halfway between the Matese one hand, the other Irpinia, Taburno offers its slopes thanks to the sun all day kisses him. thanks a mild wind, but constant, which leads right here in the heart of sannio the benefits of the nearby river Calore, such as those of the most distant sea of Naples at about 50 chilomentri. Arise from this precious alchemy of nature, the fruits of our land. Cherries, Figs, Olives, in a meadow of gienstre.

Since the time of the singer Aeneid, therefore, these are the main crops of the area, an ideal land for the olive trees, which on the other hand, with their gnarled trunk and strong, best represent the bold resistance of a people, the of the Sunnis, who in these valleys to the Romans did try the shame of Caudine Forks. E 'in a Cotesta of old crafts and traditional foods, preserved in tradition, which operates the cooperative "The Thriving" which, building on the valuable suggestion of Virgil wanted to continue the tradition of olive which today takes the product of those trees, Sprina, Racioppella, Vernaciola, Ranzana, which give a unique fruit and oil esclusivo.

Nasca here "Saminuim", obtained in the mill, extracted from olives harvested by hand in cold kneading airtight. Even at the dawn of the third millennium, our olive oil is a product full of mysticism and above all a fundamental component of the henceforth famous Mediterranean diet, which many experts attest to the beneficial aspects for health.