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81020 Castel Morrone (CE)

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The Country

- The Ruin - 

- The Big Comola -

Castel Morrone is a small village 10km from Caserta, to ancient history. Survive well in its territory 5km of megalithic walls or polygonal dating from the sixth century B.C. which seems to have lived within the city of Plistica that served as a bridge for the expansion of the Samnites to the conquest of Capua and Cuma. 

The southern campaign of Garibaldi in the Risorgimento, had the castle Morrone of the focal point and decisive for the fate of the battle of the Volturno, which led to the unification of Italy Garibaldi himself appealed to the place "Thermopylae of Italy" .

- The Forrow -

- Monte Castle -